Revenue Management

“Advanced Procurement allows your organisation to maximise its revenue”

Revenue Channel Optimisation


In its broad sense, Revenue Management focuses on understanding buying behaviours of customers and making price and product availability adjustments to achieve significant revenue gains.

Selling the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price, thereby maximising revenue from a company’s products driving bottom-line increases through top-line improvements.

For instance, different segments demand different prices. To maximise ‘Total Revenue’ and stay competitive, prices must vary to meet price sensitivity of each market segment.

Tools such as Customer Relationship Management, Growth Creation, Sales Channel Analysis will maximise revenue by understanding consumer desires and value-driven trade-offs at the micro market level; the ability to predict consumer behavior under particular circumstances of place and time; the optimisation of response to consumer behaviour to maximise revenue; and a dynamic revaluation of revenue opportunities in the context of the rapidly changing marketplace.

Some challenges organisations face today

Growth is re-emerging strongly on our clients’ agenda.

Issues clients are faced include (a) How important is growth to value creation? (b) What beliefs inhibit growth? (c) What are the types of growth vectors to consider? (d) How do we diagnose these elements, assess growth ‘gaps’ in order to achieve and sustain value-creating growth and revenue maximisation?

How we helped others

We have assisted companies in resolving issues such as those. Example varies from:

Mapping Market Revenue Potential against Specific Industries and Products / Services;

Performing Growth Diagnostic;

Reducing the Revenue Turn On Cycle Days (from Sale to P/L).

In each case we quantified our findings in dollars term and provided the road map to achieve the intended Revenue growth.


Client Challenge

Develop a road map that provides a distinct point of view on growth. Review products/services “growth maturity.” Understand the relationship between revenue growth and profit maximisation.


Growth is an attitude that need to be shared from the executives to the rank and file. Achieving a vision on how to create value across all business units, including customers, employees and shareholders becomes an imperative in today’s competitive market.

Only by understanding growth variables, managing a balanced portfolio of growth initiatives and measuring and capturing value across the enterprise value chain can a blue print and a road map be developed.

Strategy implementation through operational and tactical governance processes will allow a company to maintain growth and re-invent the business through its innovation pipeline.

Outcomes & Recommendations

Growth Diagnostic of company growth performance; assessment of company performance against the 7 principles of the growth model.

Defined a set of strategic options against the growth variables developed on the basis of market insights.

A full suite of integrated strategies that explained how companies grow in selected markets and segments.