Performance Management Framework

“Underpinning the performance of your organisation”

Performance Management Framework


BvW Global Performance Management Frameworks (PMF) enable your organisation to manage its internal and external performance at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

PMF looks at the objectives and goals of a particular project, function, team, department, or organisation, and using a collaborative approach outline the elements to be managed, monitored, measured and acted upon.

This approach is very successful in aligning suppliers to requirements and ensure that the initial contract is set up in such a way that both parties are bound to make that “relationship successful.”

Once your PMF is in place, renewing contract(s), going to market dramatically reduce your go-to-market timeframe as most of the elements required to be included into your tender documentation is already established.

Then, based on the market condition and complexity / risk of the product of services tendered, your team are in the best position to select the appropriate go-to-market strategy  (choosing one or a mix of EOI x RFI x RFP) and the depth of requirements to be documented. All-in-all, once your PMF is in place, your documentation will auto-generate during the lifetime of your contract.