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Cost Reduction Project Initiatives

BvW Global unique and extensive collaborative approach has proven extremely successful in solving complex project initiatives in both Government and large Corporations.

A Different Approach to Improving Businesses

BvW Global’s unique collaborative approach places people and processes at the centre of any assessment, implementation and project reviews.

We focus on improving value and understanding / removing the cause of bottlenecks across the entire end-to-end processes – comprised on people – process – technology – knowledge repository, whilst optimising touch points between different departments. This, combined with an empowerment and continuous knowledge transfer approach of your staff, seeks to eliminate the risks of budget overrun, missed deadlines, and deliver project’s expectations.

Here is How We Can Help

BvW Global started its operations in 2001, since then we have delivered a whole range of projects for our clients. Below are some examples. Contact us to discuss your issue at hand and we can decide jointly the best type of services to provide you with – at Board Level or Project Based level. Our engagement models allow for retainers, risk/rewards, project quality assurance to full-on project take-over.

Revenue Management

Customer-centric procurement, cost management and process optimisation directly impact Revenue. The Cost of Sale can be dramatically improved with a full-scale collaborative framework.

Cost Management

Cost reduction, containment, and management extends far beyond the prices paid for goods and services. It must extend to value of processes and activities within.

Trading Partners Management

Performance Management Frameworks is intricate to the performance of your suppliers, customers, staff, project, and spend category.


Innovation should be seen as the never ending pursuit of perfection. The benefits are aimed to remain at the forefront of a continuous competitive landscape.

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About BvW Global

BvW Global is an enterprise that complements other enterprises in delivering rapid sustainable results. With a trading history of over ten years, we have a record of using specialist teams and a hands-on approach to optimise management of categories of expenditure and thereby increase profits and often revenues for the enterprises we assist.

We actively participate in the operations of our clients. Where many advisors / consultants may be theorists, our personnel have extensive implementation experience and are effectively change agents. We work at the operational level, meaning that we address challenges as they arise and ensure the change is working and sustainable.

BvW Global provides fully implemented solutions as we realise value is delivered when the change is operational and sustainable. Reports without traction though educational and without ongoing support are wasteful and hence we take on projects where payback on improvements averages less than one month of investment by our clients.

Results come from us undertaking tasks and training client personnel in task delivery. Our training is practical and timely for the task at hand. Drawing upon our proven methodologies, we are able to train personnel in new process application and deliver high performance. Our methodologies have been developed over a twenty year period and have been recognised as operating at leading practice levels by reputable analyst enterprises.
Our people are experienced and drawn from senior line positions and top tier consulting firms. They have chosen to be implementers rather than consultants or researchers and have deep industry experience across category management of diverse categories ranging from patient surveying to componentry for train manufacture. Effectively you are not paying for a learning curve for our personnel.

Our practitioners have impressive pedigrees with many having multiple degrees backed up with strong program and project management expertise and depth of knowledge in strategy, process, governance and enabling technology. The teams we form follow our philosophy of “Client First” and teams are methodically assembled to deliver on the objectives, and form a strong and trusted bond with our clients with cultural alignment and capability enhancement. They subordinate their egos and seek referrals from their interventions. The directors of the practice also have a commitment to operate on the most complex engagements with our clients. The testimonials contained in this brochure attest to their reputation. Both have risen from project management to program management to practice management of top tier consulting enterprises.

Our Team

Team members with deep experience and expertise.

Our Partners

Our Partners share the same philsophy as BvW Global.


Our Clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority.

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