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BvW Global unique and extensive collaborative approach has proven extremely successful in solving complex project initiatives and sustaining its results in both Government and large Corporations.

A Different Approach to Delivering Solutions for Our Clients

BvW Global’s unique collaborative approach places people and processes at the centre of any evaluation, assessment, planning, and implementation of projects.

Our approach focuses on adding value and contributing to members knowledge whilst removing the cause of bottlenecks across the entire end-to-end processes comprised on people – process – technology – knowledge repository.

This approach, combined with an empowerment of team members and a continuous knowledge transfer back to your staff, seeks to eliminate project bottlenecks, mitigate and reduce the risks of budget overrun, adhere to well drafted activities, review processes and deadlines, deliver to project’s expectations and project performance measures.

To achieve the above, each project is carefully planned with roles, responsibilities, and activities all within a collaborative team enviroment comprised of a well-drafted internal and external team structure engagement and communication framework that fom part of the overall “BvW Global Performance Management Framework.”

Here is How We Can Help

Based on the client unique requirements, the stage(s) of a client’s particular project, and the objective at hand – BvW Global will devise a very specific Performance Management Framework (PMF). The PMF’s goals is to provide an exact and optimal solution to your requirement.

The PMF can touch on any or all aspects of an organisation value chain that is comprised of Revenue Management, Cost Management, Trading Partners Management, and Innovation Management. It can be applied singularly to the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing function, Category of Spend Management, Business Processes, People, Product or Service based, and can also apply to the profitability of the entire end-to-end value chain of events that produce a profit within an Organisation.

When PMF is applied to a singular function, each recommendation is carefully assessed against its impact on other parts of the organisation so that one activity does not negatively contribute to another part of your organisation.

BvW Global approach is collaborative and our structured Project Management Approach ensures that this collaboration creates efficiency and effectiveness to exponentially boost the results achieved and the that sustainability of these results stay within your organisation for the long term.

Please contact us to discuss your issue at hand and we can decide jointly the best type of services to provide you with – at Board Level or Project Based level. Based on the outcome you wish to achieve, our engagement models allow for retainers, risk/rewards, fixed fees that range from project quality assurance at the Board Level to full-on project take-over activities.


Here is a sample of the Government Agencies and Corporate Clients that have entrusted BvW Global.

Revenue Management

Customer-centric procurement, cost management and process optimisation directly impact Revenue. The Cost of Sale can be dramatically improved with a full-scale collaborative framework.

Cost Management

Cost reduction, containment, and management extends far beyond the prices paid for goods and services. It must extend to value of processes and activities within.

Trading Partners Management

Establishing a solid Trading Partner Management platform is intricate to the performance of your suppliers, customers, staff, project, and spend category.

Performance Management Frameworks

Underpinning our services are our Performance Management Frameworks that ensure that your organisation operate in the most efficient and effective way possible within itself, with its customers and its suppliers.

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About BvW Global

Founded in 2001, BvW Global assists Government Agencies and Corporate Clients Australia-Wide. Its founder, Christophe Barriere-Varju holds a Bachelor and Triple Major MBA in Supply Chain Management, Finance, and New Venture Management from the University of San Diego, California.

Prior to BvW Global, Christophe worked at Coopers & Lybrand, then PriceWaterhouseCoopers post merger in New York in the Full Value Procurement Practice. He then joined Arthur Andersen in Australia before taking a role to manage the Solutions Consulting Practice of EDS Australia for Asia/Pac.

With a “Big 5 Consulting Firm” background, BvW Global was formed with the goal to implement sustainable solutions for clients. The early years of BvW Global focussed primarily on Advanced Procurement and Sourcing techniques ranging from E-Procurement, Outsourcing, Go-to-Market Strategies, End-to-End Procurement Processes, and supporting Policies & Procedures. Today, with a trading history of over fifteen years, we have a record of using specialist teams and hands-on approach, we actively participate in the operations of our clients. Our team are experienced and draw from senior line positions and top tier consulting firms. They have chosen to be implementers and have deep industry experience across various industries, effectively you are not paying for a learning curve for our personnel. Our practitioners have impressive pedigrees with many having multiple degrees backed up with strong program and project management expertise and depth of knowledge in strategy, process, governance and enabling technology.

We work at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels, meaning that we address challenges as they arise and ensure the change is working and sustainable. BvW Global provides fully implemented solutions as we realise value is delivered when the change is operational and sustainable. Reports without traction though educational and without ongoing support are wasteful.

BvW Global philosophy is “Client First” and teams are methodically assembled to deliver on the objectives, and form a strong and trusted bond with our clients with cultural alignment and capability enhancement. They subordinate their egos and seek referrals from their interventions.

Our mission is to assist with the unique needs of our clients using a unique approach to solving challenges that best meet your organisation’s environment.


“Clients First” philosophy is our number one priority along with sustainable knowledge transfer.

Our Team

Experienced implementers that draw from senior positions in top tier consulting firms and organisations

Our Partners

Our implementation Partners complement and share the same values as BvW Global.

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