Supporting Our Clients with Complex and Advanced Procurement Solutions

We place Procurement at the centre of your organisation and work with your cross-functional departments, stakeholders, and suppliers to achieve the most efficient outcomes that are managed and monitored through Performance Management Frameworks. 

A Collaborative Approach to Procurement

BvW Global’s unique collaborative approach places people and processes at the centre of any procurement project. This approach,
combined with a thorough ‘customer’ and ‘supplier’ engagement methodology seeks to eliminate the risks of budget overrun, missed deadlines, and deliver project’s expectations.

Consulting Services

We deliver and implement Advanced Procurement Solutions across Government Agencies and Large Corporates. Our engagement models allow for risk/rewards, project assessment to full-on project take-over.

Revenue Management

Increase revenue generation with customer-centric procurement.

Cost Management

Reduce and manage your costs by working efficiently with internal customers and suppliers.

Trading Partners Management

Develop long lasting and mutually beneficial Performance Frameworks with your suppliers.


Innovation is the never ending pursuit of perfection. The benefits are both your profit line and your most important asset, your people.

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We ensure that our staff are fully dedicated to our clients.

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Team members with deep experience and expertise.

Our Partners

Our Partners share the same philsophy as BvW Global.


Our Clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority.

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